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The effective date for the fees is January 01, 2011

Account Activity Printout $3.00
Account Closure Fee (within first 2 months) $5.00
Account Reconciliation $20.00
ACH Return $27.00
ATM Cash Limit Increase (per day, subject to approval) $5.00 per request
Automatic Share Transfer Fee $4.00
Bad Address Fee $3.00
Christmas club Early Withdrawal Fee $20.00
Courtesy Pay Fee $27.00
Extended Overdraft balance fee                      (negative balance 5 consecutive days) $10.00
Inactive Account/Dormant Account $10.00 semi annual (charge after 2 year & account balances under $100)
Legal Process $65.00
Loan Application Fee $7.00
Loan Coupon Book $20.00
Money Order Fee $1.50
Money Order Stop Payment Fee $10.00
Photocopy $4.00
Return Deposit Item Fee $20.00
Statement Copy Fee $5.00
Share Draft Copy Fee $3.00
Share Draft NSF $27.00
Stop Payment Credit Union Check $20.00
Stop Payment Share Draft $20.00
Unlimited free check withdrawals on share accounts with balances of $300 or more and 2 free $100 cash withdrawals per month. There is a $2.00 charge for more than 2 cash withdrawals and on checks withdrawals on balances below $300.
Subject to a penalty of $20.00 for early withdrawal

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